What We Sell


Rigid PET Sheets

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is currently the thermoplastic material most in demand in the thermoforming synthetic packaging market. Its outstanding attributes are, its excellent transparency equal to that of glass and its brilliancy, an additional advantage is its high mechanical strength allowing the production of dimensionally stable rigid packaging with relatively small wall thicknesses and its excellent oxygen barrier qualities which makes it suitable for fresh foodstuffs.

Types Of sheets

We make two type of rigid sheets


APET sheet

We use top grade virgin PET granules for manufacturing APET sheets. These sheets go through rigorous quality checks in our plant starting from raw material verification.

rPET sheet

Food grade 3-layered plastic is ideal for food packaging and hence has huge demand. PET sheets are obtained from regrinding PET waste and hot-washed flakes. This product is our forte as our sheets are made of 3 layers: the outer layer on both sides of the sheet being virgin plastic.

Application for Rigid PET sheets:


1. Blister packaging


  • Pharmaceutical and medical industries – medical disposables and medical devices for diagnostics and surgery
  • Consumer goods – tooth brushes, shaving blades, battery cells
  • Personal hygiene products – single use rigid pouches for hair oils, shampoos which currently use flexible packaging
  • Processed foods – single portion packing of sauces, pickles, butter etc which are used in the catering industry



2. Thermoforming


  • Fast foods and takeaway and beverage industry – salads, sandwiches, ice-cream parlor cups, desserts, bakery items, mithai, tea coffee and drinks cups
  • Pre-packed retail foods and confectionery – chocolate and biscuit trays, nuts, dried fruits, mithai boxes, ice-cream, butter and cream tubs and cups etc
  • Farm Produce – boxes for strawberries and other berries, boxes and separators for packing of high value fruit and vegetables, herbs, egg cartons etc
  • Point of purchase display packaging – electrical, electronic, tools, toys, stationary etc
  • Technical packaging – packaging and tray handling of electronic items



3. Fabricated packing


  • Apparel – boxes for shirts, ties, ladies hosiery and shirt accessories etc.
  • Gift and novelty items – toys, dolls, beauty aids – scents, brushes etc

PET Straps

Polyester is the strongest plastic strap. It is often used for heavy loads that require a high tension during handling, transport and storage. PET straps offer high tension, are able to retain this tension for a long period of time and have an excellent stretch recovery. Because of the stretch recovery, they are excellently resistant to shocks and impacts. PET straps are light, UV resistant, recyclable and easy to handle. These properties remain, even at high temperatures


Our PET straps and rolls are widely preferred due to their high tension resistance, stretch recovery, high temperature resistance, and better performance compared to steel straps. The straps are obtained by recycled PET strap waste and green PET flakes.


We are an ISO certified company and thus, our products are of high grade. Companies use our straps as packaging medium for fiber and cotton bales, refrigerators, solar panels. Construction industry also uses our product due to the superior quality.


Polyester strapping is best used for rigid loads and helps to absorb impact during transit. It’s also a better alternative when you need higher initial tension to contain loads when compared to PP strapping.


  • Metals
  • Lumber
  • Pallets of Bottles and Cans
  • Bricks
  • Tiles
  • Excellent for stabilizing and palletizing heavy loads