About Company

Circular Economy

It is often said that plastic once produced stays on the planet for a long period of time. This is a true fact. Why not convert this demerit into merit. Why not recycle the plastic again and again so that it becomes circular and economical.

We at JB polypack follow the same theory and produce our rigid sheets from HOT washed PET flakes which are produced from waste PET bottles. These sheets are then discarded and again collected which can again be converted into flakes and then again into rigid sheets. It can go on and on.

So we aim to provide circular packaging solutions to our customers who have sustainability goals.

Factory Area

127000 sq ft.

PET Sheet

500 Tons

PET Strap

150 Tons

Our manufacturing capabilities

– Our production capacity is 500 ton per month of rigid PET sheet

– Our production capacity is 150 tons per month of PET strap

– Our factory construction is performed keeping in mind worker safety & hygiene

– We are operating our factory with guidelines prescribed by BRC IOP

– We have adopted latest twin screw technology extrusion which enables efficient compounding and delivers better quality of product

– Our system is equipped with a vacuum system. This system removes all contaminants from the material during processing which results in top notch quality of the product.

– We have installed german filtration technology which gives better filtration value and helps us in delivering consistent product at all times.