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Our target is to become largest sustainable packaging solutions provider in India



We at JB polypack are dedicated to provide circular solutions to the packaging industry along with maintaining balance between environment & quality.

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Jay Bharat Group
is a pioneer name in industry Since 1985

JB polypack is part of Jay Bharat Group Surat. Our company is incorporated with the vision of providing sustainable packaging solutions. We believe that the miracle product i.e. PET plastic is too valuable to trash. The beauty of the PET is it can be recycled multiple times which is both economical & sustainable. So keeping this in mind JB polypack was born.

Recycling plastic is the need of the hour. We at JB Polypack have developed a world-class infrastructure and technology to manufacture products like PET Straps and PET Sheets from discarded plastic polluting the environment for decades. A well-established collection process is the backbone of our mission.

Our products undergo rigorous testing and are of high quality, making them viable across various industries. Latest technology like twin-screw extruders allows us to lead the industry and make products with the least wastage.

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What We Sell


Rigid PET Sheets

Manufactured using hot washed flakes and regrinding waste, these are extensively used by manufacturers of toys, blister packaging, electronic companies, high-frequency sealing etc.


PET Straps

Made of hot washed green flakes and strap waste. These can endure shocks, high tension, and high temperatures—ideal for packing fiber bales, refrigerators, steel pipes, solar panels, etc.

What We Buy


HOT washed PET Flakes

As the name suggests, flakes are fragments obtained from cut, cleaned and crushed PET bottles. These are obtained from post consumer waste PET bottles (like bisleri, aquafina, etc.).


Recycled PET Chips

PET chips are the result of recycled plastic waste like lumps, polyester yarns, flakes, thermoformed sheets etc.


Virgin PET Chips

PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate, is a form of polyester (just like the clothing fabric).



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